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“We hope it will be the tree for the future” – this is how the emerald tree is described by the Hungarian company Sunwo Ltd., according to whom the special tree could be used to purify the air that would serve as an appropriate solution for global climate problems.

Emerald trees absorb 100 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per year, while its roots clean the soil. It has a special resistance; therefore, it can survive in extreme conditions as well. Thanks to a Hungarian patent, it requires half as much water as a traditional forest. The emerald tree grows so fast that the plantation can be cut three times within thirty years. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent raw material.

The company established the first carbon climate plantation at Lake Balaton.

As Hungarian news portal Szeretlek Magyarország reports, the special tree has been developed based on serious scientific experiments, in which 8 countries, 2 academies, 6 universities, and several research institutes were involved.

Beyond industrial utilisation, it can contribute to global climate protection as well.

Based on the fact that more and more African countries are interested in the Hungarian emerald tree, the company hopes that soon it will gain greater popularity domestically and internationally as well.

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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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  1. Sounds interesting, will check with friends who have family in Hungary and see what thoughts they have, and effects this may have in their area. Stay tuned!

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