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According to last year’s survey, 59 percent of young adults ages 19 to 29 consume energy drinks, at least on occasion. This means that energy drinks are in the top 20 food categories, along with margarine, cat food and candies, reports g7.24.hu.

Hell Energy appeared on the market in 2006. It is a privately owned company, with a factory in Szikszó, Hungary. By 2010 Hell Energy became the market leader in Hungary and they started to sell in many other countries, too. Today there are almost 50 countries that sell Hell energy drinks, like Angola, Chile, India, Cameroon, Cambodia and the Philippines.

In Azerbaijan, they had a 60% market share, in Bulgaria and Greece 37%, and Hell Energy is the market leader in Croatia and Romania. Last year was the first time when the bigger part of their income came from export. Their income in Hungary has only grown by 4%, it is at 15.3 billion Ft (47 million Euros). Their export grew by 40%, now it is 18.5 billion Ft (57 million Euros). Their biggest growth came from countries outside of the EU.

They also managed to achieve something that no other Hungarian brands could so far: they had a contract with an A-list celebrity to be their spokesperson. This was the first time when an active world-famous star from Hollywood gave his name to a Hungarian company.

Hell Energy has other companies with high income, like the Quality Pack aluminium beverage factory in Szikszó or the Avalon Park entertainment center in Miskolctapolca. Although the Avalon Park has generated losses in the last year, the overall income of the Hell companies was still around 40 billion Ft (123 million Euros).

This means that in five years their income became five times bigger.

Hell Energy is getting to the top of Hungarian soda and beverage companies. Of course, Coca-Cola is still at the very top with 116 billion Ft (359 million Euros) income last year. Szentkirályi, the Hungarian mineral water manufacturer had approximately the same income as Hell Energy in 2013, but as of today, Hell is far ahead. The fourth on the list is Maspex Olympos, who is the manufacturer of the Kubu fruit juices, Apenta soft drinks and the Olympos lemon juices.

Hell Energy had some serious help from the government. As we have written about this before, the government supported the company with a 7 billion Ft grant (21 million Euros), while they got 700 million (2.1 million Euros) for the Avalon Park.


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Source: g7.24.hu

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