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After it has evolved over the years, the FeHoVa exposition taking place in Budapest each year has become the biggest hunting fair in Hungary. Furthermore, it is one of the biggest such fairs in the region. Similar fairs that take place in Serbia, Croatia, or Slovenia don’t get so big, while only Salzburg can compete with the extent of the FeHoVa event.

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In 2019 the event attracted around 25000 visitors, which is an achievement, taking into account that it was organized in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. There were two large halls that hosted the exhibition, with one of them dedicated to hunting, while the other was for fishing. Thanks to how big the event is, visitors came from all over the region, including Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Hungarian Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition
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What happened in 2019?

With parking fees of around 7 EUR, it’s no wonder that many people flooded the exhibition area and the parking lot from the early hours of Friday morning when the exposition started. Inside, you would find yourself walking on a long promenade between the two halls hosting the event, and alongside this promenade were many food vendors and stands, each selling different things.

The interesting aspect is that they only accept card payments, so don’t expect to be paying with cash in 2020 either. With so much space for brands to showcase their products, you get a lot ofmerchandise there, from hunting gear to falconry, trophy exhibitions, and you can even find car manufacturers there.

You can find many different kinds of weapons there, and many types of binoculars used for hunting as well.

Before you buy anything, however, make sure you know all about the different brands and manufacturers selling there. That is why we recommend reading an article such as this one, where you can find more some of the best 10×50 binoculars, or where you can get more info about stuff like how good waterproof binoculars from Simmons really are. In 2019 it looked like all the major hunting shops in Hungary put their newest products on display, but they were not the only ones showing their newest products.

In fact, most of the key players in the professional binoculars market were there, and as this research suggests, brands like Swarovski Optic, Pulsar or Bushnell, all present at the fair, should be seriously taken into consideration.In terms of weapons, famous brands like Glock, Bergara, or Heym had a thing or two to say as well.


2019 also marked the beginning of new activities for the FeHoVa expo. There was the first-ever FeHoVa taxidermist competition, opened for international participants. The exposition also introduced a separate section for forestry equipment and a competition for fly tying.

When it came to trophy exhibitions, the event included a section named “Rarities of the continents” where hunters would present rare and unique game species from all over the world. It was truly a marvelous sight for those passionate about hunting.

For a more Hungarian touch, there was also an exhibition named “The dearest trophies of Dr. István Halmágyi-Takács”.

Those that wanted to take part in some sort of a different activity could participate in a hidden treasure hunt called “Secrets of Vajdahunyad Castle”. As a result, this exposition was great for every kind of visitor.

The event was also a good opportunity for Hungary’s Minister of State for Land Affairs Márton Bitay to discuss the game damage assessment protocol that should lead to better management of the wildlife)Including anything from hunting gear, to games for kids and politics, it is clear that the FeHoVa exposition has all the ingredients a professional hunter would enjoy

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