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Péter Szijjártó.

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó on Sunday slapped down European People’s Party leader Donald Tusk’s recent criticism of the state of Hungary’s democracy, saying that the EPP leader had “failed both as a party leader and as a person”.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty earlier this week, Tusk said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s goal to establish Hungary as an “illiberal democracy” had led to the creation of

a “degenerate democracy” in the country.

Szijjártó in a Facebook post slammed Tusk’s remarks, saying that calling Hungary’s democracy “degenerate” called into question the achievements of the Hungarian people. “Up until thirty years ago, this nation had been fighting its entire history to live in freedom and democracy,” the minister said.

He said that as the head of the EPP Tusk had failed to ease the burden on Europeans during the pandemic.

“Donald Tusk has provided no help in the procurement of a single ventilator or in saving a single job in Europe,”

Szijjártó said.

“I understand that being forced out of Poland’s domestic political scene has been hard on Donald Tusk,” he said. “I also understand that his failure to get back in has been even harder. And I can also see how he would be frustrated by the close cooperation between the Polish and Hungarian governments, which is based on the centuries-long brotherhood between our nations.”

Source: MTI

  1. I doubt whether a Senior Statesman like Donald Tusk cares what a johnnycomelately pipsqueak thinks.

  2. Petrus ” petrusinus ” Siartus, who unlike his Biblical patron prefers oligarchical yachts to more humble fishing boats, is like Orbanicus the Caveman and all his mandarines: they just can not deal in a civilized way with any opinion that is not aimed at praising their dictatorial regime. Attacking and insulting is the only language they seem to know.
    Were they common men from the street, that would be ok. But it appears that, for as weird as it is, these primitive people are in charge of governance. One, this particular Siartus, is foreign minister, a position that should require at least basic education and rudiments of diplomacy… But I guess this is the case of democratic systems, not of de facto dictatorships like present Hungary.
    And after all we know that every dictatorship needs enemies. If no enemy in sight, they must invent some.

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