According to, the four time World Champion and one time European Champion ball juggler from Sajószentpéter has recently set a new Guinness World Record: she juggled the ball 107 times on her heel, in one minute. No other woman managed to do this before, Kitti Szász broke the American Indi Cowie’s record (102).

“I was asked by Face Team, acrobatic basketball team, if I wanted to take part in a joint record breaking day, since they already had plans for a special day. We thought that I could also make it into the book of Guinness World Records” said Kitti Szász, who had previously performed together with the basketball jugglers.

“To be honest, I didn’t do a lot of preparation, I visited the location the previous day to see what I could do. I managed to juggle 115 times, but I made a mistake and went to a TRX class afterwards, which caused serious muscle soreness the next day. I was a bit nervous, but I tried to focus on counting.

I messed up my third try, but I got myself together after a short rest and managed to break the record at my fourth try.”

Kitti hasn’t received the certificate of her record yet, the lead time of authentication usually lasts for twelve weeks. Now she feels like breaking even more records, she already checked out four categories in which she could break the world records of the Italian Laura Biondo, whom she beat at the 2013 European Championships.


“It was great to try something like this. I was always interested in Guinness World Records but it’s quite complicated and expensive to call the supervisors. Still, I’m happy that I could join Face Team.”


Featured image:ászKitti


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