Budapest, February 3 (MTI) – Foreign Minister Péter Szijjartó on Wednesday rejected “insults” directed towards Hungary by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who recently said “selfish” acts by certain European governments, including that of Hungary, were part of the reason why the European Union has so far failed to secure the bloc’s external borders.

Schulz told German public television channel ARD on Wednesday that governments “like Hungary’s”, that refer to the migrant crisis as a “German problem”, place their “nationalist” interests ahead of finding a common solution to the crisis. He said there were 20 EU member states that are only interested in the EU’s affairs when it comes to receiving money.

Szijjártó responded by saying that it had “once again become clear” that Schulz has a “superiority complex” over eastern and central European countries. The minister said Hungary had opened its markets to Europe and fulfilled all of its commitments to the EU, thereby becoming eligible to receive EU funds. “These [funds] are not handouts. We are entitled to them.” he said.

Szijjártó said it is the “constantly insulted” Visegrad Four countries that are working on finding a solution for illegal migration, noting that Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic invited Bulgaria and Macedonia to an emergency V4 summit on migration scheduled for February 15. Szijjarto said Bulgaria and Macedonia could be key players in protecting Europe from the massive migrant flow.

“While Martin Schulz is heading towards a dead end, the V4 countries and their partners are doing everything they can to curb illegal migration,” Szijjarto said.



  1. If Germany did not invite refugees there would not be a mess in Europe. The country could have sent immigration officers to Greece. Germany should have transported all acceptable refugees directly to Germany. That action would have saved a messy deportation. Ms. Merkel’s invitation was not clear. This allowed anyone wanting to relocate to Europe leave their country without a second thought.

    Hungary does not deserve criticism but rather praise. Germany deserves to be sanctioned for the mess they created.

  2. @M. Burka.
    With respect to your opinion, i as a Magyar watching all this unfold over the last 2 years. The German ‘People’ again are not to blame. The chancellor, Merkel decided whole heartedly to speak for Europe. She [email protected] and is starting to see the light. Proud as these Chancellor are, they don’t easily and openly admit mistakes. This would not be ‘POLITICALLY’ correct. But the non-elected EC/EU bunch that helped fuel the fire, have not helped in any way, but continue to pass blame on Hungary and other non-cooperating states on ILLEGAL EU QUOTAS. So until someone gets the BULL by the horns, meaning the EC/EU idiots really causing this escalation. The Schenghen borders will be NULL and soon, and future EU or Europe will change to accomodate what the people want if CIVIL unrest is to be avoided. The EC/EU have failed to estimate and LISTEN to the EU population, but instead decided to block media coverage of anything showing the illegal migrants escapades. This after all is what Germany’s last great dark chancellor made happen during WWII.
    Again the German people were disarmed prior and the controllers abroad created that mess too while the German people watched, no different that in 56 when the same tyrants brought hell forth and the Hungarian people watched and were killed.

  3. The German people elected Ms. Merkel, therefore, they are partially responsible for the bad decision made by their choice. Finally, Hungary has a Prime minister, Mr. Orban who is serving Hungary’s interest.

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