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Budapest, January 5 (MTI) – Transferring further powers from member states to Brussels would be “idiocy”, all the more so because it is the members that come up with “practicable” solutions to meet challenges the community is facing, the Hungarian foreign minister told MTI on Thursday.

Péter Szijjártó reacted to remarks by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who suggested that countries of “the Orbán generation” consider Europe as an opponent against which national interests should be protected. Nation states have transferred more and more powers to Brussels over the years, but most governments have failed to explain those changes to their voters and “now they pretend as if they were being pressed by an anonymous power”, Schulz said in a Süddeutsche Zeitung interview, adding that that attitude was “lethal”.

Szijjártó said that “Schulz is wrong” and insisted that a strong Europe rested on strong members. He argued that the community had been unable to stop illegal immigrants for years and “Brussels has failed in terms of self-defence”. “Expecting protection from one who does not see the peril — that is lethal,” the minister added.

Source: MTI

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