According to, the Gas Transmission Ltd. (Földgázszállító Zrt. – FGSZ) is ensuring gas transmission to Ukraine from January 1 2015, depending on the technical and commercial conditions, in an interruptible way.

The announcement says that the repeated delivery is possible because according to the system users, increased demand is no longer expected from the Beregdaroc network point, so they can set the Beregdaroc node to the status before September 25 2014. december 30.

FGSZ said on 25 September 2014 that gas delivery was broken off towards Ukraine for an indefinite period, on the pipeline independent from the Brotherhood line.

According to the information, the cause of the interruption was that the supply demand has increased. In the interest of the security of supply and the maintaining the balance of network, switching of the nodes had to be restructured so that every power line should be able to deliver to Hungary, says.

FGSZ ensured the capacity of delivering an annual level of 6.1 billion cubic meters – on a daily basis of 16.8 million cubic meters – depending on the respective technical and commercial terms, so it was not guaranteed – said the statement of FGSZ

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