The materials of the swimwear are made with a specific procedure out of the waste that can be found at the bottom of the oceans, then are sewn into their final designs in Szolnok, Hungary.

Móni Tóth and Szandra Szomolányi are the creators and founders of Undersea Bikini. The two of them are managing the enterprise, from designing the pieces, shooting photos, to making the website; they do everything. An essential part of their team is a leading seamstress, who takes care of the manufacturing of the swimwear. Their relationship is more than just a business partnership, they have been friends since childhood and are both lovers of nature. This shared passion led them to create Undersea Bikini, reports


How and when did the idea come to you?

As environmentally conscious people, we both love being in nature, hiking, travelling. However, we got into a situation more and more often, where we had to face the fact that even the hidden paradises are full of trash, and the seas wash more and more waste onto the beaches. Since we both like scuba diving, we have seen a lot of saddening things underwater as well. These moments are always very heartbreaking, but also thanks to these experiences, we researched the topic more. Acidic waters, fading coral reefs, noise pollution in the oceans, too much fishing, the dangers of thrown out fishnets, and I could go on. As we learned more and more, we started feeling that we needed to do something.

The idea was born 2-3 years ago. Undersea Bikini gives us the perfect platform to not only sell swimwear recycled out of waste from the oceans, but we also raise our followers’ awareness about current problems, we inform them, encourage them, and we also support many non-profit organizations from our income.


What techniques are used to recycle waste?

Our swimwear is made out of a special Econyl yarn, which is a 100% recycled nylon-yarn. They produce it from different waste nearing the end of their usefulness, with the help of a very complex technology. This procedure requires an enormous fleet of machines and happens in Italy, this is where we order our materials from to make our swimsuits. It is important to know, that the recycling technology is also entirely eco-friendly.

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VIDEO of the procedure

This waste can be any kind of plastic waste, including the many fishnets laying on the bottom of the oceans. A lot of people ask if the material is different from regular ones; if the lifespan or quality differs from a normal material. By looking or touching it no one can notice the difference, truthfully, in quality either. The material is actually considered premium quality on the current market, and according to tests, it handles chlorine, sunscreen and oils and salt water twice as better.

Who collects the waste and where?

The volunteer diving teams of Healthy Seas work continuously to bring the waste from the ocean to the surface, mostly from seas bordering European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Greece, Italy). We also organize trash collecting of our own on Fuerteventour with the help of our followers.


When you started, how was the reaction to the suits?

The customer responses were amazing from the beginning, and as they get to know us better, they keep increasing. We honestly did not expect this welcome. It lets us conclude that people are open to change and want to do something for Earth’s health.

What styles did you prepare for this summer?

This year’s collection was mostly inspired by the mood of rainforests, where greens and greys meet with the vibrant – oranges and yellows – colours of animals of the rainforests. We added to our previous collection the much requested “traditional” bottom style, and bottoms with strings are being sold, too, from this month on. We prepared one-shouldered tops, and the beloved, simple triangle style, which can be worn in four ways, with reversible tops, tube tops, and a very special one-piece, too.


Is your brand a success abroad too?

A lot of people know us abroad, too. At the moment about half of our customers are Hungarian, the other half consists of many different nationalities, including mainly Austrian, German, English, American and Australian customers.


You can shop the beautiful pieces HERE.


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