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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the University of Physical Education (UPE) have concluded a cooperation agreement on reinforcing the international advocacy of Hungarian sports diplomacy.

At the signing ceremony at the University on Tuesday, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said that thanks to the agreement spots diplomacy and sports science will play a more important role than ever before in representing the interests of Hungarians internationally.

“There is a state of competition between the world’s countries, I which new instruments must also be deployed, and new resources applied, within the field of advocacy”, the Minister stressed. He stressed that in addition to Ferenc Puskás, the names of Anita Görbicz, Katinka Hosszú and the Liu brothers are all familiar throughout the world, and this capital must also be exploited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

“Hungary is a sports nation, and clearly indicated by the fact that there have been 225 major sports events in Hungary during the past two years, and this year we will be hosting the world championships of four Olympic sports”, Mr. Szijjártó declared.

“The world class scientific background and the education and training system, which Hungary has the University of Physical Education to thank for, play a major role in Hungary’s sensational sporting successes”, he said.

It was states that Hungary’s foreign representations will be promoting the UPE’s education and training activities more actively, and the University of Physical Education would like to admit more foreign scholarship students.

Rector of the UPE Lajos Mocsai highlighted that the goal is to support each other in both theory and practice in international diplomacy.

“Fate has given us a historic opportunity to sign this agreement together with the Minister”, the head of the University said.

In the interests of cooperation, the University is able to place at the Ministry’s disposal the experience it has accumulated over many decades: the knowledge and expertise of its teaching staff, he added.

“Since the UPE became independent again in 2015, the rebuilding of the University’s international relations has begun again. We would also like to make progress within this field”, Mr. Mocsai said.

Source: MTI

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