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Budapest, April 25 (MTI) – Ethnic Hungarians in Vojvodina (Vajdaság) will continue to be represented by the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMSZ) at national, regional and municipal levels after this weekend’s elections, the state secretary for Hungarians abroad said on Monday.

There is no reason for pessimism because VMSZ had retained most of its positions and all Serbian governments and parties would have to count with the ethnic Hungarian community, János Árpad Potápi told a conference organised by the Research Institute for Hungarian Communities Abroad.


Potápi said that VMSZ is an ally and strategic partner for the government and praised it for having successfully mobilised voters for the elections.

Ethnic Hungarians in Vojvodina, including VMSZ, also played a vital role in historic reconciliation between Serbia and Hungary over the past few years, he said

Although the results of the elections are not yet known, the community has achieved its main objectives, Potápi said.

Photo: MTI


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