Budapest, November 26 (MTI) – The European Union’s mandatory migrant quota scheme would put an unacceptable burden on Hungary’s welfare, education and health-care systems, the human resources state secretary said.

The migrant relocation scheme, if implemented, would be unlawful, dangerous and would go against Hungary’s interests, Bence Retvari said.

Providing health care for migrants would require the capacities of an entire additional hospital, which would costs tens of billions of forints (tens of millions of euros).

Based on the average cost of health care for one Hungarian citizen, two years’ worth of health care for migrants would cost the state as much as what was spent on reducing hospital debt this year, he said.

The fact that any pre-existing medical conditions of migrants are also unknown would make things even more difficult, Retvari said, adding that the risk of an epidemic would also potentially increase.

Nor is the welfare system prepared for an influx of migrants, as they would also have to be entitled to child care and family benefits.

Judit Bertalan Czunyi, state secretary of public education, said the migrant relocation scheme would also have unpredictable effects on Hungary’s public education system. As the scheme would impose a number of migrants equivalent to the population of the city of Szeged on Hungary, the public education system would have to accommodate tens of thousands of children, she said.

The costs, however, would be more than just the additional cost per child as such an increase in students would require more classrooms, special teaching methodologies and more textbooks, none of which the public education system can afford right now, she said. The language barrier for these children would also be a serious issue, she said, adding that the education system does not have enough teachers to teach Hungarian as a foreign language.

Photo: MTI


  1. There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER that Hungary – like so many other E.U. nations – should be forced to accept (Muslim) refugees into the country because of the STUPIDITY of the German chancellor, Ms. Merkel or bureaucratic half-wits in Brussels.

    As I have stated before – and will continue to say – the German leader had NO mandate from the German people to totally RUIN Germany due to her comments.

    She certainly has NO mandate from the Hungarian, Czech, Slovak or Polish people to ruin THEIR countries.

    IF Ms. Merkel is so DETERMINED to keep these so-called ‘refugees’ in Europe, then let her find European nations who share her magnanimous views.

    My understanding is that most Germans do NOT want the ‘refugees’ in Germany !!

    I for one do NOT want these people anywhere in Hungary – let us Hungarians make the decision and NOT be told what to do by the Pink Poodles in Brussels or mentally deficient leaders of other nations !!!

  2. Since Germany and Sweden have realized that most of the “illegal migrants” are not ‘qualified’ for asylum status or even skilled at anything for the workforce. Also since as Victor put it, “All migrants are not terrorists, but All terrorists are migrants”. Germany and Sweden should be sending them all back at their own expense to where ever they came from. Leave the rest of Europe out of it. Those who qualify, Germany and Sweden and whoever else wants the migrants can keep them.
    Governments should be trying to be responsible such as Canada. Canada has sent people to these countries for screening so called refugees before allowing them board a boat or plane over. Not ring a dinner bell such as stupid Ms. Merkel who sees herself fit to speak for the whole of Europe without their permission and bend and break all the rules in the process.

  3. István Király is right in every word. I have experienced how the “Muslims” heat anything about uss because we believe in Jesus Crist. God save Europe from total destruction.

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