Get to know Tibor Feigel, the 39-year-old Hungarian guy who moved to Florida 17 years ago, and now he has his own TV show on Viasat Nature called “Dog Tales – Tibor to the rescue.” wrote an interesting article about Tibor and the important work he has been doing in Florida.

Tibor Feigel was born in Kisvárda, Szabolcs-Szatmár Bereg County. He attended University of Nyíregyháza where he studied biology and P.E. After finishing his studies, he moved to Florida. Now, he operates his own dog training business called Zen-K9 in New York City and on West Palm Beach, Florida, and he has his own TV show.

He barely knew English when he decided to move to the United States. He claims to have learnt the language from Bruce Willis movies. Nonetheless, he did not let this minor inconvenience stop him. He started to take care of a woman’s two dogs. He walked them, taught them how to do tricks. He got on very well with the dogs and his reputation soon reached many more people within the area. A month later he was taking care of 30 dogs all at once. People have often stared at him and took pictures of him and the dogs.


Besides walking the dogs, he kept teaching them tricks and training them how to behave properly.

Apart from these duties, he has another incredibly important duty: saving shelter dogs. Lot of the dogs who are brought to the shelters are aggressive and unfriendly due to different reasons. They might have had abusive owners, or they might have been abandoned and left on the streets for years. This is the No. 1 reason why a lot of dogs do not get adopted and have to be put down; because they are not fit to live with a family of people. That is when Tibor comes into the picture.

He started a rehabilitation program for shelter dogs. He deals with the wild and aggressive dogs, and he aims to help them by training them and showing them love and affection, so that they become good candidates for adoption. As he says: he brings the dogs back to life.


“I have learnt many things about dogs and their ways, feelings and behaviour. They have a universal language that I managed to learn. It’s an incredible feeling each time when I find a home for a dog who have been brought back to life. I cry every time out of happiness and pride.”

He claims to have been fueled partly by the anger he feels towards those people who hurt these dogs. His show on Viasat Nature is all about how he operates his Zen-K9 Dog School and how he helps shelter dogs to find their new families.

“I am proud that people back home in Hungary can see what I do here. I am proud that I can teach people how to love, respect, care for and raise a pet that has his/her own identity and a big heart.”

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