The international website of National Geographic named the hiking trail called National Blue Trail in Hungary as one of the 25 most recommended travel destinations of 2020.

According to Index, the National Blue Trail was mentioned among places like the Kalahari Desert, the Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse, the city of Parma, the Maldive Island, the Asturias, Tasmania, the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the Grand Canyon National Park on the list of the well-known science communicator magazine, reported the Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség (Hungarian Hikers Association) to MTI.

On the magazine’s website, the creators of the National Geographic 25 list reported that National Geographic Traveler’s formed the list of most attractive and most sustainable tourist destinations with the help of their editorial staff from seventeen countries and their own globetrotter experts.


The detailed and sectioned guide to the complete hiking route of the National Blue Trail in Hungary with countless attractions on the way is available in an online guidebook by the Hungarian Hikers Association on their website Természetjáró.hu, in Hungarian, English, German, and Slovakian, as well as on their free Természetjáró app.

It is even fit to navigate in offline mode, and its user interface follows the language of the device so that foreign tourists without local knowledge are guided through the National Blue Trail in Hungary.

The National Blue Trail professionally operated by the Hungarian Hikers Association is 1,167 kilometres long, consists of 27 sections and has 152 stamp points.  6700 hikers have completed the trail so far.

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