writes that singer Zsolt Zoller recently covered one of the most famous arias of Bánk bán (and probably Hungarian opera history) in a beautiful way, but it’s not only his singing that makes the performance outstanding. The melody is accompanied by a spectacular video, through which the most important events of Hungarian history come alive.

The video was made by the 3D Past team, who make 3D historic movies that take you on time travels in Hollywood quality. Through their amazing videos, you can get to see – among others – the heyday of the Castle of Buda and take part in the Battle of Mohács. It is definitely a breath-taking and touching experience that you can enjoy in the Rock Chapel. After you survived the unbelievable time travel, you can also visit the Hungarian Heroes Selfie Park.

The 3D historic video elements and Bánk bán’s Hazám, hazám (My homeland, my homeland) is a truly amazing pairing. Bánk bán (The viceroy) was written by József Katona and musicalized by Ferenc Erkel. It is one of the most cultic and well-known Hungarian operas, in which Erkel consciously combined Italian, French and Hungarian opera elements. With fine voices he created the national character of opera figures.

Unfortunately, there’s no official translation of the aria, but its refrain goes something like this:

“My homeland, my homeland, you, my everything!

I know that I owe all I have to you.

Golden fields, silver rivers,

Soaked by the blood of heroes, flooded by tears.

Bánk forgets his stinging wound,

He sobs but serves the sacred word of his nation.”

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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