According to, the Hungarian government would build a hospital in Transylvania. The institution would be operated with the Romanian state.

It’s quite often that Transylvanians are using not the Romanian, but the Hungarian healthcare, which is totally correct – Gabor Zombor said. The Secretary of State for Health said to Magyar Nemzet newspaper that there are hardly any Hungarian-speaking doctors and nurses across the border, so local Hungarians often do not know how to explain their complaints.

The Secretary of State said to the newspaper that Hungarians in Romania can be solved by the construction of a hospital with a local emergency department and intensive care department – the Secretary of State said. The Hungarian government would operate the institution with the Romanian state.

Not just the doctors and nurses who work in public health are ringing the alarm bells, but private physicians are also expecting responses. There are no antipyretics, diapers, wet wipes. There are no doctors and nurses, and soon there will be no contributors in Hungary – Gabriella Lantos, Chief Operating Officer of Robert Hospital said to

In Hungary, there are 26 thousand nurses are missing. In Szeged, the university city, the pediatric clinic had to be closed, because there were no doctors, the nurses are protesting, wearing black ribbon. On July 1, the Semmelweis Day, they’re preparing another protest.

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