Kövér László
László Kövér – House Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Photo: MTI/Mészáros János

László Kövér thinks that „normal” homosexuals are trying to adapt to society rather than striving for equality. He also mentioned that according to his beliefs, there is really no difference between a gay couple wanting to adopt a child and a paedophile.

László Kövér, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary and former President of Hungary, expressed his opinion on homosexuality during a forum held in Budapest Wednesday evening.

Kövér was supposed to talk about the upcoming European Parliament (EP) election, which is always important of course, but this year, it is of particular importance for every European member state, as the topic of immigration divides the representatives into two major groups.

The upcoming election decides who is going to become the majority: those who oppose immigration or those who defend it, which is an issue that will have an effect on the future of the entire European Union, as Index reports.

However, Kövér chose this platform to express his opinion not only on immigration and the election but also on homosexuality.

The whole topic started with a question from the audience. Participants had the opportunity to ask the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary questions in advance. One particular person asked: “How can we preserve Christian culture in a world where liberalism is slowly creeping into every aspect of our lives?”

Kövér thinks that liberalism is not only creeping into our lives, but it has become the “bloody reality.” He also joked about parents who do not identify their children as a boy or girl but let their children decide later on. He also condemned and made fun of those countries that started introducing three bathrooms: one for women, one for men, and one for the others. At this point, the audience was laughing with him, but he did not stop there. He went as far as saying that

“There is no difference morally in the behaviour of a paedophile and gays who want to adopt. In both of these cases, the child is an object, an item of luxury, the tool used for self-realisation and fulfilment.”

He also claimed that homosexuals do not want to reproduce, but they want to have the right to bring up other people’s children.

He also said that this behaviour is not characteristic of all homosexual people, as

“a normal homosexual knows the order of life, that this is how she/he was born and this is what she/he became. A normal homosexual tries to adapt to society and does not consider herself/himself equal.”

The audience did not laugh anymore.

Source: www.index.hu

  1. One has to say of the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, Laszlo Kover, that great wisdom resides in the manner of the man in his ending statement here above – “a normal homosexual knows the order of life,……………. A normal homosexual tries to adapt to society and does not consider herself/himself equal “-
    That the Truth will often hurt, but it is, the beginning of righteousness !!
    God is.

    John H. Morton.

  2. László Kövér is correct. We must fight against the pervert GayStapo.

  3. One of oversea country started to glorify homosexuality in their government because in their government were and are to this days lots of perverted individuals. Their whole country exploded into a bunch of PER VERTED so called people, they get married, women to women, man to man, they ADOPTING innocent child ren which most likely will be their VICTIMS :O( who would SUFFER from their PERVERTED SICK adoptive par ents used them for rape, which are rampant in this adoptions. According to reports. Hungary should stop
    this bastards.

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