99 % of the germs and infections can be removed from the handrails of the escalators with the help of the unique Hungarian invention, writes szeretlekmagyaroszag.hu.

Our body gets less sunshine during the fall and the winter, and supplying vitamins is getting more difficult. It is not a surprise that there are more infectious illnesses at that time of the year. These are caused by some germs and several types of viruses, influenza being the most well-known among those. It is especially important around that time of the year to avoid germs and viruses settling down on surfaces which are touched by crowds.

The invention of a Hungarian company can bring a revolutionary change in keeping busy places and public transport clean. The covering system is based on international research, but is developed locally and exerts its effects in an nature-friendly way.

Its base is a natural metal oxide, which is registered also as a food additive and can be found in chewing gums, toothpastes and other everyday products.

The photocatalytic cover activates in light, does not wear off, and continuously disinfects the surface.


“The surface can be touched by anyone right after each other, because when it becomes hit by light it works continuously, and it will not come off or disappear from the surface. Artificial lights, which give normal viewing conditions, are enough to achieve the results and ensure the disinfection for a year. “

– said Péter Lehoczky, manager of Resysten Hungary Kft.

Until now, it was impossible with even the highest attention to avoid passengers getting infected by the touching of a surface touched by another passenger. That is why BKK decided to use Resysten WhiteTitan™ protecting cover experimentally on the handrails of the escalators of the metro lines 2 and 4.

The results have been promising so far, so the system will be spread to the handrails of metro line 3 and have already been used on 160 busses and are expected on the suburban railway lines.

Photo: Resysten Hungary Kft.

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Source: szeretlekmagyaroszag.hu

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