Everyone is familiar with the feeling when the shower or the tub gets full of hair after washing your hair. A new Hungarian invention named HairHanger was designed to solve this problem easily, according to Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu.

All women and men with long hair have probably experienced the phenomenon when hairs begin to flutter into the shower or the bathtub during hair washing.

People can easily find themselves in the midst of a sea of hair that is hard to get rid of and that clogs the sink. It is the greatest fear of long-haired people.

It is difficult to keep your bathroom clean when you encounter the disgusting bunches of your own hair everywhere. No one likes to have a bath in a “hair soup”.

That is why a brand new Hungarian startup, the HairHanger was developed. The IndieGoGo page of the product promises that it solves the problem of cleaning up your hair in a tidy, cheap and easy way.

As you can see in this video, HairHanger can be attached to the wall, and its tiny plastic prickles are responsible for catching your fallen hair. After finishing your shower, you can easily remove the bunch of hair from the device and throw it into the bin.

In their promising IndieGoGo campaign, the Hungarian team is trying to collect 20,000 dollars in order to begin mass production.

“Our product is practically ready. The aim of our campaign is to reach the minimum sum to initiate mass production (due to the minimal amount of ordering). We have launched our project without any significant financial investment. The invested work (design, development) is the contribution of our friends from the university”, lead designer Dániel Sütheő stated.

As many of the genius inventions, HairHanger was also born during a shower. The basic idea popped up in the mind of Dániel’s girlfriend, Laura. She wanted to end this “hairror”. Laura was shocked by the hygiene — or more like its lack — in the dormitory, and her opinion was confirmed by her friends.

So the product is currently collecting backers for mass production. If you back them on IndieGoGo, you will get one HairHanger for 12 dollars, four for 40 dollars and ten for 80 dollars, if the project will be funded. “Fixed founding” means that your contribution will only be transferred to the production team if they reach the goal of 20,000 dollars.

Photo: Youtube.com

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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