Rubik's Cube Rubik Ernő

Something Hungarians have always been good at are inventions, innovations. Hungarian masterminds surprised the world throughout history with amazing inventions that form part of our everyday lives today. We put together a quiz with some of the most outstanding Hungarian inventions and we are curious to see the results 🙂

The Nobel Prize winning Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi, was once asked whether he believes in the existence of extra-terrestrial beings. He answered: “Of course, they are already here among us: they just call themselves Hungarians.” At that time Fermi worked with geniuses like Leó Szilárd, Tódor Kármán, János Neumann, Pál Halmos, Jenő Wigner, Ede Teller, György Pólya and Pál Erdős. This is the effect Hungarian inventors have on some people 🙂


Source: Daily News Hungary

  1. wELL,—THEY WERE NEVER VERY GOOD WITH FOREIGN LANGUAGES, NOEMI….. :-)) although most of us hunkies do speak and write at least three….. by necessity…….. :-))))

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