Hungarian photojournalist dr. Huang Viet Gergely Szabó of RTL KLUB got injured in an airstrike conducted by Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Tripoli on Sunday.

Before, Italian news website, Rai News reported, based on the Libyan LANA news agency, that he was kidnapped in Libya – wrote yesterday. According to them, dr. Gergely Szabó was taken by a group of gunmen not far from the Abu Ghraiba mosque in the downtown of the Libyan capital. LANA said that there is a video about what happened on which kidnappers try to make him shout Allah Akbar and they even published a photo on which he stands next to a bearded soldier.

Later the Libya Observer wrote that Mr Szabó was not kidnapped but injured in an airstrike

committed by drones near Tripoli.

The strike was launched by General Khalifa Haftar who fights against the internationally recognised Libyan government of Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj. According to them, Mr Gergely did not suffer serious injuries, and he is recovering very well. They also published a photo on which he is staying in a hospital bed, and one of his thumbs is plastered. 

The Information and Press Department of the Libyan Foreign Ministry confirmed this report in a statement on Facebook and added that “Journalists must be protected and not targeted.” Moreover, it called on all journalists and media professionals to take all safety measures while covering news from the front lines, in accordance with the principle of safety first.

The Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade also said that Mr Szabó

had a successful surgery

after a drone attack in Tripoli.

Mr Szabó graduated from the Law Department of the University of Szeged in 2011 and worked in a law office until 2018. Meanwhile, he has been working as a photojournalist reporting from, for example, Israel and Ukraine.


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  1. why Hungarian follow USA, Israel!!!, why the Hungarian Army in Iraq and other Arab country, just because NATO!!!, how much money USA pay for that !!!, God Bless you

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