Ayah Tabari, founder of Mochi designer company was so inspired by the Hungarian Kalocsa embroidery, that she designed a whole new collection based on it, as reported by hvg.hu. The Hungary Collection is a huge nod to the Kalocsa needlework used in Hungary in the 19th century.

Ayah Tabari’s Hungary Collection was featured in the world-famous retailer platform: Net-a-Porter, which means that the Dubai-based designer company Mochi goes global and becomes internationally acknowledged and well-known. Mochi is also the first Dubai-based designer brand to be featured on Net-a-Porter. In honour of the collection’s success, an article was written about the beautiful clothes with Kalocsa embroidery in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

The Brand

Mochi was founded in 2013 by Palestine Ayah Tabari. She studied in London and eventually settled down in Dubai. The whole brand is inspired by cultural diversity. Each of Mochi’s collections are handcrafted by local artisans using traditional methods of embroidery. The company has become an internationally renowned name, Mochi participated in the London- New York- and Paris Fashion Weeks. According to their website, Mochi is “symbolizing fun, integrity, unity and empowerment.” The company is known for being an ethical brand and supporting local talents and offering jobs and partnerships to people who need them the most.

Mochi currently has nine signature collections for adults and one collection for children (Mini Mochi).

The Hungary Collection

Since the hand-embroidered pieces from the Resort 2018 line, the Hungary Collection are now available to shop on the global retail platform of Net-a-Porter, both the Mochi brand and the famous Hungarian Kalocsa embroidery received a lot of attention.

Photo: www.allthingsmochi.com

As the name suggests, the Hungary Collection was inspired by Hungary and nods to the famous Hungarian Kalocsa needlework, an embroidery technique used by Hungarian women in the 19th century. Here, you can learn all that is to know about Kalocsa embroidery.

The pieces from the Hungary Collection are all very playful with floaty silhouettes, colourful floral prints and with the signature stitching of Mochi.

Photo: www.allthingsmochi.com

We are proud that the Kalocsa embroidery inspired the creation of such unique and beautiful pieces of clothing. Another Hungaricum to be proud of!

Featured image: www.allthingsmochi.com

Source: www.hvg.hu; www.harpersbazaararabia.com; www.allthingsmochi.com

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