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Anna Kondár won her tenth world champion at the kick-boxing World Cup in Antalya at the end of last year and became the most successful female athlete in the history of kick-boxing, the Hungarian Kick-boxing Federation informed here on Tuesday.

“In addition to six individual golds, the Hungarian fighter has been awarded four team medals.

She won her first World Championship gold in 2007,

making her the youngest world champion in kick-boxing,” the Hungarian federation said in a statement.

“My career as a competitor started as a dream,”

Kondár recalled, quoted by the statement. “The success came very early and very fast, as I became an adult world champion as a first-year junior. And because one can get very uppish very fast, we had to find new motivations after the early victories. Fortunately, we always found new goals,” she added.

She built her entire life around kick-boxing for a very long time, and loves not being the one who can hit or kick bigger, but the one who can be the smarter fighter and can overcome the mind of her opponent, the statement concluded.

Source: Xinhua – Budapest

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