Stockholm, 2017. április 7. Mentõ- és tûzoltóautók Stockholmban 2017. április 7-én, miután egy teherautó gyalogosok közé hajtott egy stockholmi sétálóutcában, majd belerohant egy áruházba. A sofõr legalább három embert halálra gázolt. (MTI/EPA/Fredrik Sandberg)

Budapest, April 7 (MTI) – Hungarian leaders have expressed condolences to their Swedish counterparts concerning the Stockholm attack carried out on Friday.

President János Áder sent a telegram to King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, expressing his and the Hungarian people’s “deepest sympathies” to the victims of the “devious terrorist act” and their families.

In a letter written to his Swedish counterpart, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed his and the Hungarian people’s sympathies and pledged support to the victims and their families, saying that “we cannot give in to senseless violence”.

The attack was also condemned by the Hungarian foreign ministry.

On Friday afternoon, a truck drove into a crowd on a shopping street in Stockholm, killing three people in what the Swedish prime minister said seem to be a terrorist attack.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Fredrik Sandberg

Source: MTI

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