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Budapest, 2018. július 17. A Fidesz-frakció szavaz, elöl Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök (j) és Semjén Zsolt miniszterelnök-helyettes az Országgyûlés plenáris ülésén 2018. július 17-én. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

According to, the parliament accepted a bill which sticks the wages of the MPs to the Hungarian average salary. In fact, it declares that MPs will get three times the average while in case of the ministers the PM will have the right to specify the exact sum. Finally, the wages of prosecutors will be also increased.

After teachers, firefighters and civil servants MPs also deserve it

Shortly after the national elections of 2018 Blikk, a tabloid published an article about a possible pay rise regarding the Hungarian politicians. Since this is a delicate matter in Hungary, Fidesz announced immediately that

the issue is not on the agenda of the government.

However, it seems that Blikk touched the spot then. The parliament accepted a bill today which raises the legislators’ remuneration

from 748,000 HUF (EUR 2,317) to 948,000 HUF (EUR 2937).

Furthermore, they stuck their salary to the national average, so it will always be three times the average. This means that the monthly salary of the MPs is going to increase every year.

In fact, Fidesz said after announcing the bill that the wages of the politicians increase only because everybody else (teachers, firefighters, policemen, civil servants, people in the healthcare industry) already received a salary hike. Interestingly, reported that the president of Mexico announced just on Sunday that he will decrease his own remuneration by 60%.

The speaker will get almost 8,500 EUR

In fact, different

office-bearers of the parliament are going to receive even more.

For example, parliamentary group leaders will get double the average remuneration. Furthermore, if a legislator is also a member of a committee, he or she will earn 1.2 million HUF (EUR 3,718). Moreover, if somebody is taking part in the work of two committees or the Committee on Legislation, he or she will receive 1.4 times the average. Finally, deputy caucus leaders will get about 1.7 million HUF (EUR 5,268) while the

speaker of the Parliament will take home roughly 2.7 million HUF (8,366),

the deputy speakers broadly 2 million HUF (EUR 6,200). Notaries of the parliament and Inter-Parliamentary Union chairpersons will work for a salary of by and large 1.7 million forints (EUR 5,268).

Of course, MPs receive a fuel card, as well. According to the new bill, the parliament will pay 2,500 kilometres in case of legislators living in Budapest and

even 6,500 kilometres for those who do not live in the capital.

Besides, housing support for legislators will also rise.

Ministers can take home even 15,500 EUR

Interestingly, not only the salaries of the MPs, but also the wages of the ministers are going to rise substantially. According to the bill, a minister could earn as much as the best-paid person in a state-owned company operating in the sector for which the minister is responsible. This can mean wages exceeding

3-5 million HUF per month

since CEOs of companies like the Hungarian railroad company (MÁV), the Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) or the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) usually receive such sums. However, the PM has the right to define the exact monthly amount of the ministerial salary every year.

According to the bill, the remuneration of prosecutors will also rise from September 1. For example, the Prosecutor General will receive four times, his/her deputies will get three times and the general prosecutor of Budapest two times of the basic allowance for civil servants.

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