Over the last 70 years, LEGO® became the world’s most famous construction toy, and the magic of the colourful building blocks captures the hearts of children and adults alike. LEGO® is more than just plastic toys, they are the perfect example of how simple things can grow into a cultural phenomenon. Many people around the world use LEGO bricks as a creative medium, and professional Hungarian builders create amazing constructions, realistic buildings, running vehicles, and many exciting attractions from the building elements.

In KockaPark, for only a small fee, you can explore the vast planetary systems of the Star Wars franchise in bricks, learn about the history of LEGO®, look around the streets of a huge interactive mega-city made entirely from LEGO® bricks with many moving trains, trams, and even a theme park. You can also travel to the faraway planet of Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar or the world of pirates.

The Campona mall in Budapest is home to one of Hungary’s largest LEGO® exhibitions that is open all-year-round and is one of the largest LEGO® community clubs in the country.

With a whopping 1,400 m2, you could literally spend hours looking at tiny details and would always find something new and interesting in every diorama they have.  It is an indoor “playground” that offers exciting attractions and programs for every generation. As they put it: “While the little ones can immerse themselves in the popular themes of LEGO® or the kingdom of fairy tales, the grown-ups can dive into the world of fantasy, WW2, movies, or creatures of historical works”.

The background for their high-quality exhibition is provided by the members of Hungary’s largest LEGO® club, and the creations you can find there are works of the members of the “Kockajáték Klub” and exhibitors of other domestic and foreign clubs that make the experience unforgettable.

With their indoor playground and several thousands of LEGO® bricks and smart programs, they offer the materials for genuine playing experience. You can build whatever you could imagine and could play forever. Campona KockaPark, or Brickpark, as they refer to themselves in English, offers discounts for groups and can even organise guided tours, group sessions, and construction competitions if requested. They also have discounted tickets for people visiting the Tropicarium, “the fish zoo”, which is also located in Campona mall, so you could easily spend a full day just visiting these two places, which we full-heartedly recommend, especially if you have children. The exhibition can easily be visited and accessed by people with disabilities as well.

“You can organise kids’ parties, birthday parties, and your company’s team-building tasks with us.”

KockaPark, or Brickpark in English, offers a wide variety of programs: “with your ticket, you can purchase a separate coupon to participate in the “token programs”, where you can try multiple exciting and thrilling challenges with the support of our animators. During the game, a specific task must be completed, but certain skills and ingenuity will be needed in order to do so”.

You can even buy whatever you build there, so it is a good opportunity to let your imagination roam free, and you do not have to leave your beloved creation behind.

KockaPark even has a gift shop where you could not only browse a wide range of current LEGO® products, but you could also pick from different individual bricks and mini-figures to add to your collection. Their shop assistants are also “at home in the world of LEGO®. Whether you are looking for an old set, a special part, or a rare figure, you can count on the help of our sellers”.

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Source: Kockapark.com, Daily News Hungary

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