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Hungarian man pissed all over plane’s catering room, court acquitted him

A Hungarian man was accused by WizzAir for making damage on board worth 5,953 Euros cost when he had pissed on the wall of the aeroplane’s catering room after landing.

The Hungarian market-leading low-fare airline, WizzAir, which has celebrated its 100th-aircraft-milestone in June 2018, cannot always avoid inconvenient incidents onboard. Another unpleasant, moreover embarrassing accident happened on a WizzAir flight from Budapest to Eindhoven in the beggining of 2019, published 24.hu. The man, in his 20’s, was eager to visit the cabin’s toilette, after landing, but just before the passengers getting off the plane. Cabin crew has rejected to let the man inside the corridor’s toilette for safety reasons. The flight attendant then asked the man to use the closest toilette a few minutes away on the terminal.

The man rejected the crew’s request and did not wait for too long to do his business.

The young man went straight into the cabin’s catering room and, his back facing the other passengers, started to pee on the room’s walls and even into the catering trolley, where food and drinks were served from.

Because the food carriers, other kitchen equipment and the floor became damaged by the man’s urine,

the airline accused the man for causing 5,953 EUR loss that includes the equipment’s cost, the cleaning and disinfection’s costs.

The court of the first instance has acquitted the young man for not committing a crime, with the following reason: “The man acted this way because he was experiencing a health emergency case, the fact that he was acting in a situation of exigency makes him innocent.”

Source: 24.hu

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