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The Los Angeles Police responded to a shot fired call in the 4600 blocks of Burnet Avenue around 3:30 p.m., authorities said. Just after 9 p.m. officials entered the home and found the man deceased from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

First, the authorities did not manage to identify the man. It was also reported by CBS Los Angeles that it was unclear if the police ever made contact with the man.

According to, he was a 70-year-old Hungarian resident inside his house in the American city of Los Angeles. Residents living in the neighborhood immediately reported the case to the police. Not only the authorities but special SWAT units arrived on the location.

The man has been named as Tamás A. by the authorities.

SWAT had moved in about three hours after the incident started. There was a significant police presence and there were also reports about a hostage negotiator at the location – wrote CBS Los Angeles.

Allegedly the man barricaded himself into his house and it took the authorities four hours to get into the estate, but they only found the man’s dead body who committed suicide. NBC Television got the information that the reason why the Hungarian man was shooting in his own house is not yet cleared. The family of the man said that they had many problems with him before.

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