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Hungarian policewoman wins gold medal in Los Angeles

Hungarian policewoman wins gold medal in Los Angeles

Captain Frida Tóth returned to Hungary from an international contest with a gold medal, as reported. She was the only Hungarian policewoman who has received an invitation to Police and Fire games in Crossfit category. The contest was held between 7 and 16 August in Los Angeles.

She has been working at the county police department as a technician for 20 years. Her past in sports is even longer than her career at the police.

She has been paddling for 33 years – since she was ten – as a contender, and she has won multiple national championships in Hungary. She was also ranking in the first three in the Masters World Championships.

She has attended multiple national and international Crossfit contests from 2011, ranking higher and higher each year. She was ranking among the first three in the past years.

She has received an invitation as the third best policewoman in the world—due to her past results—to the world’s most prestigous world championship for policemen and firefighters.

She was supported by the police, sponsors, friends and family alike, so she had plenty of motivation to prove herself in the USA. This encouragement was fruitful, as she was awarded with a gold medal on 15 August after two days of contesting. She has become a world champion among the policewoman.

Frida stated that she attends every contest with the certain will to win it. In order to achieve this, she trains six days per week during the preparation period. As she claimed, she was only afraid of the American opponents, as they seemed to be stronger, bigger and faster than her. Despite these disadvantages, she has finally proven to be more prepared this time.

The certain tasks of the contest are kept in secret until the beginning of the championship. 5-6 tasks need to be completed in two days, which vary from weightlifting through running to paddling.


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