The owner of the Hungarian brand Szakállasember (Bearded Man), Ferenc Almássi, takes on men’s body odour with his taboo demolishing products, reports Index.

The Töki (Dude) product line got its name after the main character of the movie, Big Lebowski. It is solely made from natural ingredients. Almássi released his personal sanitary products this summer. The Töki product line consists of three products; a menthol crystal perineal wash, grooming and cooling cream and a ration of wipes. And yes you have to apply all of them to your under region.

Szakállasember truly is a one-man-brand which celebrated its fifth birthday this year.

“I find it extremely important to make my products exclusively from natural ingredients. There is no bigger guarantee than me adding my face to my products. And I dare to do so because I know that what I make is great” declared Almássi to Index.

The brand’s main products are beard oils, and moustache waxes, next to these facial products, shower gels and even brushes can be found on its website. The Töki product line was released on the webshop in the summer of 2019 when presumably most men noticed their own body odours. Almássi says that his next move is to wander into the world of deodorants.

The products of the American Ballsy inspired him made with charcoal when it came to Töki.

Currently, there is no competition for producing these goods in Hungary.

The Töki products are made with the assistance of a renowned but retired dermatologist, the experimentation with products took place in a lab in Pécs, and the wipes were produced in an antibacterial wipe factory in Miskolc. These hypoallergenic wipes come in handy for music festivals or during a long trip when the possibilities for getting clean are scarce.

And how do Töki products stand out? According to Almássi, because of the microscopic menthol crystals, which not many brands can afford since the purchasing and storage of this ingredient is expensive. Szakállasember only uses quality essential oils as well. There were no negative reviews of the quality of these products if not for their price. But it is high time we realise that personal hygiene is not cheap.

The Töki products double their turnover every month, and Almássi expects that this Christmas his products might become a hit gift from spouses or girlfriends.

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tokiklub

Source: index.hu

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