coronavirus nurse
Photo: MTI/Balogh Zoltán

Hungarian healthcare workers are working day and night to fight a global epidemic. They are the true heroes, working 200+ hours to care for every patient that arrives. Yet, they are rewarded with less than EUR 290 for their tireless work.

A nurse working at the COVID-19 wing of St. John’s Hospital Budapest told 24 how shocked she was when she received her salary this month.

For her work in April (which means over 200 working hours), she expected a much higher amount, given that healthcare workers were promised 180% of their usual salary, but this is far from what they received in May.

Many hospital workers were transferred at St. John’s Hospital Budapest to the COVID-19 wing in April, who were all promised 180% of their usual salary, including bonuses and overtime. On average, healthcare wages range between net EUR 312 – EUR 430.

Most shocked of all were the workers who were forced into quarantine for two weeks. They received the smallest amount on their accounts. In March, when an infected patient was brought into the department, many nurses and doctors had to stay in quarantine for two weeks. As this was not due to their own fault, they were promised to receive full pay for the two weeks spent in quarantine. They did receive full pay in their March salary received in April. However, it turns out that they were eligible for 60% of their pay when on sick leave, so the hospital pulled the difference form their April salary, which they received now.

The hospital claims that it is up to the government to complement the workers’ salary for their two weeks in quarantine (a.k.a. sick leave).

Regarding the other bonuses and overtime, the hospital promised to pay the 180% salary in the upcoming month.

coronavirus nurse
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  1. I do not believe this happens in the Heaven-on-Earth led by the Victorious Supreme Guide who daily inspires our souls and makes our hearts rejoice and float through oceans of beatitude.
    Surely this must be another fake news spread by agents of the Soros International.

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