The Perseids are the densest meteor shower with the most shooting stars that always arrive in the second half of the summer. You can catch shooting stars from the middle of July, but the peak falls between the 10th and 15th of August. It is recommended to plan in advance so that you can catch one of 10-15 stars/hour. collected some Hungarian observatories that organise programmes in honour of the Perseids.

Polaris Observatory of Óbuda

The observatory organises a special lecture about meteors on the 12th of August. After the lecture, visitors can watch the meteor shower or observe the Saturn in the cupola. Naturally, the programme will only be held in case of nice weather. The ticket is 1,000 forints for adults and 600 forints for children. The event will start at 9 pm and finish at 11.45 pm.


The Star Park of Zselic

During the night tour of Zselic, visitors can get to know one of Hungary’s clearest starry skies, summer star signs and spectacular objects. The tour is 5 kilometres long and falls at the peak of the Perseids meteor shower. Even though most shooting stars appear after midnight, you can already see meteors at the end of the tour.

Only a limited number of people can take part, so preliminary registration is advised. The meeting will be at the reception of the observatory at 7.15 pm. The ticket costs 1,000 forints. The programme will be cancelled in case of rainy weather or impassable roads.


Pannon Observatory of Bakonybél

They will deal with the Perseids in Bakonybél during several evenings. Between the 11th and 14th of August, visitors can take part in organised observations from 9 pm until midnight. The programme will include an astronomic guided tour, movie screening, telescopic and outdoor observations, and a night-time walk. However, the outdoor programmes will be cancelled in case of bad weather.

For the outdoor walk, it is recommended to take with you some kind of blanket or mattress, hiking shoes, trousers, sweaters and insect repellents. The ticket costs 2,500 forints.

Photo:, Bakonybél

Don’t worry if you are not able to join any tours, the Perseids can be seen from everywhere if the weather is good and the sky is clear, but it’s recommended to choose an area with considerably less light pollution. Besides the places mentioned above, the Hortobágy and the Bükk National Park are also kept count of as starry sky parks, so if you happen to be passing by, just take a towel with you and lie down on the ground.

Featured image:, Bakonybél

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