Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian parliament house speaker László Kövér. Photo: MTI

Hungary’s parliament will not accept any political conditions being tied to the European Union’s coronavirus rescue package, László Kövér, the House Speaker, said during a session of the National Assembly on Tuesday.

Presenting the government’s bill in connection with economic measures related to the coronavirus, Kövér insisted that European Union member states must decide together on the conditions for the loan that they proposed to raise jointly.

The Speaker said that

Hungary, even though it did not itself need the loan, was willing to stand in solidarity with southern member states, given the exceptional nature of the emergency, with a view to maintaining the bloc’s viability.

But, he added, the loan should be used exclusively to stabilise the EU’s troubled economies and lay the foundations to boost the bloc’s competitiveness, he said.

The government is seeking the support of Hungarian lawmakers to put pressure on the EU to distribute the bloc’s rescue package equably and to ditch plans to condition funds on states meeting expectations regarding the rule of law.

A summit of EU leaders is taking place this week to discuss the EU’s 2021-27 budget and post-pandemic recovery.

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Source: MTI

  1. Mario, we really don’t give a care what your employer George Soros thinks. Hungary has every right to stand on its own 2 feet and reject any and all funds that come with coercive measures to force Hungary to accept the migrant hordes that have wrecked other parts of the E.U.

  2. Orban has stated so many times how Hungary won against the virus, and how Hungary has managed better than all other European countries, and only 100k jobs have been lost – which will be temporary as the economy will bounce back very soon – therefore its right that Hungary does not need to require any additional loans – if other countries have suffered much worse this money should go to them.
    The constant flood of EU funds into Hungary is contributing to an increasingly unequal country – an almost kleptocracy where government contracts fuel the rise of a handful of oligarchs. Its not right that taxpayers in other EU countries are fueling this.

  3. Simon, I agree with you, Hungary and other members of the E.U. should not be parasites upon the taxpayers of the rest of the bloc. Fact of the matter I don’t even like the fact that Hungary is in the EU because of all the dictatorial edicts of Soros lapdogs in Brussels. The EU was originally founded to just be a trading bloc not a Federal system like the US has which I might add the USA is on the verge of a civil war right now. It may well not exist within 10 years because it will likely be Balkanized soon.

  4. The rule of law issue is less about the Corona rescue package and more about the reconstruction fund money. The countries that signed up to the EU made certain commitments, including to upholding democratic processes such as the independence of the judiciary and the media. If Poland will not adhere to what it agreed then it is right and proper that they should be stripped of further financial assistance.

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