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The world has changed a great deal since the communist era 30 years ago when Hungarian citizens like citizens of other communist countries were allowed to travel to western Europe only once every three years. Thirty years later, the Hungarian passport ranked among the world’s thirty most powerful ones according to Passport Index that ranked the passports of 199 countries around the world. Holders of Hungarian passport can enter 151 countries without a visa.

Passport Index takes into account how many countries can be visited without applying for a visa. Hungarians can travel to 151 countries without a visa, which is only slightly less than owners of German passport, which came out on top.

In our region only the Czech passport can compete with the Hungarian one.

There is little difference among the passports ranked in the top thirty. For instance, German and Hungarian passport holders can feel the difference only if they travel to Mongolia, Namibia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Guyana, the Kingdom of Lesotho and Rwanda, places where Germans citizens need no visa, but in the rest of the world German and Hungarian passport holders enjoy the same benefits.

The world’s least powerful passports belong to citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq; they are allowed to enter less than thirty countries without a visa.


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