doctor health nurse writes that patients in Hungarian hospitals will have access to drugs which have not yet fulfilled the pedigree requirements but already made it through the second phase of clinical trial. These new drugs could bring new hope to cancer patients, too.

It’s been more than ten years since the European Union allows cancer patients and patients with rare diseases to be treated with drugs which haven’t got their pedigree yet, but it was not ratified by Hungary until last year.

Thanks to a new amendment, patients will not have access to these experimental drugs. The National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition’s (OÉGYI) website has a full list of requirements patients have to fulfill to get the available new drugs.

According to the regulation mostly those patients could be accepted whose doctors initiate the process at OÉGYI, and the cost of the therapy is covered by the pharmaceutical company. The website also lists the name of the illnesses with available experimental drugs.

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