In the last two months the Hungarian pavilion at the world exposition in Astana, Kazakhstan received 200,000 visitors, Economy Minister Mihaly Varga said on Friday on the “Hungarian day” of the expo. 

Varga said the event offers Hungarian companies a chance to present their achievements in energy saving and the pavilion has fulfilled its goal by opening serious business opportunities for the companies.

The Hungarian pavilion showcases advances in energy efficiency, renewables, electric mobility and innovative construction solutions.

Expo 2017 Astana – Future Energy runs from June 10 until September 10. It is expected to draw some 5 million visitors.

Hungarian-Kazakh economic cooperation has increased to a strategic level in recent years, with bilateral trade growing by 270 percent in the first five months of this year compared to the same period of last year.

Kipchak Days in the Hungarian Pavilion

To commemorate the cultural and economic ties between Kazakhstan and Hungary that have been traditionally strong and are still improving, the Hungarian Pavilion will offer programs to the Kazakh hosts between August 17 – August 18, 2017 that connect Hungarian and Kazakh traditions. – sampling the Hungarian cuisine  – handcraft demonstrations – showing of a movie by Gyula Kenyeres, entitled “Our pride, the Hungarikum” Temporary programs, demonstrations, and performances: August 17: Ágnes Pádár, embroiderer

Hourly music and dance performance from 1 p.m. each day August 17 – 20: Ildikó Debreczeni, costume maker – exhibition and presentation August 18: Hungarian National Day

Promoting the Hungarian National Day: from 10 a.m. kun captains in traditional costumes and the Music Band of Hungarian Army present the traditional songs and habits of the kun people.

3 p.m. National Day Performance at National Day Stage

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Source: MTI

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