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Hungarian restaurants among the bests

Hungarian restaurants among the bests

According to, Onyx, Olimpia, Costes and Anyumkám mondta got into to monumental compilation of La Liste.

La Liste, collecting and ranking the best restaurant of the world, is made every year. This year four Hungarian restaurant could get onto the list of the top thousand: Onyx, Olimpia and Costes from Budapest and Anyukám mondta from Encs – congratulations.

Hibátlan tányérok. —- Flawless plates. #onyx #michelin #budapest

A photo posted by Onyx Restaurant (@onyx_restaurant_budapest) on


Anyukám mondta, Encs /


Costes, Budapest / Photo: Costes Restaurant


Olimpia, Budapest / Photo: Olimpia Vendéglő – Hivatalos Oldal

The list is led by the Parisian Guy Savoy restaurant, then come many world-class restaurants, such as Kyo Aji in Japan, Le Bernardin in New York, El Celler de Can Roca in Spain or Osteria Francescana in Modena.

The whole list can be found here. The restaurants can be searched on the map by country.

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