Budapest, September 3 (MTI) – No single country is able to resolve the problems connected with migration; a joint European solution is needed, President Janos Ader said after meeting Slovene counterpart Borut Pahor on Thursday.

Ader said this is primarily a humanitarian problem because it is necessary to get people safe before the start of winter. Additionally, there is a criminal problem because human smugglers unscrupulously abuse the vulnerability of hundreds of thousands of migrants travelling to Europe. And it is also necessary to face what is undeniably a national security problem, he added.

Ader asked his Slovene counterpart to consider whether his country could support setting up a common EU fund to finance the establishment and operation of refugee camps in countries where the migrants first arrive and are given safety.

Pahor said the 2008 economic crisis could be overcome with the help of European measures; once again, joint efforts are needed.

Photo: MTI


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  1. The Visegrad 4 plus the Slovenians are the only nations with common sense. the Germans, France and the E.U. are forcing their will onto the rest of Europe in the most unintelligent way without understanding the damage that they are causing.

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