The Hungarian thermal bath culture looks back to a history of two thousand years so it’s no surprise that our country deserved the “country of thermal waters” title. There are many spas all around the country that offer utter relaxation to its visitors, and collected some of these, thus giving us a (s)panorama. 🙂 

Egerszalók Spa

The Saliris Resort Spa & Conference Hotel can be found in Egerszalók, which is famous for its unique limestone hill, since the 65-68° Celsius springwater’s minerals precipitate to the surface in the form of crystals, which turn into engrailed formations around the water that you can see well from quite far away. Besides the beauty of chemistry, the spa offers 21 outdoor and indoor pools and an exclusive sauna world with icy, beery, honeyed or salty ceremonies. This is relaxation heaven for sure!

spanorama egerszalók saliris

Veli Bej Bath

The place, which was known as the Császár Bath (Emperor’s Bath), reopened its gates a few years ago after a complete renovation, during which one big and four small pools of different temperature were designed. But this is not everything, as the Turkish bath, built on a natural spring, also offers relaxation in Finnish saunas, infra saunas, steam baths, experience showers, jacuzzis and even a Kneipp walk. Even though the bath is part of Order of Mercy’s Hospital, anyone can enjoy its services over the age of 14. The price of the entry differs by seasons.

spanorama veli bej

Gunaras Bath

Gunaras Bath, lying 3 kilometres from Dombóvár, is one of the most versatile medical centres of Hungary, as its water is of exemplary quality, which is good for musculoskeletal, stomach and bowel, gynaecological, stomatological, respiratory and even heart or haemal diseases, issues and also helps with dermatological problems. Besides all the useful effects of the thermal water, there’s also a chance to just bathe like you’re on the beach, but you should know that most pools only function in summertime.

spanorama gunara

Rudas Thermal Bath

Rudas, guarding the atmosphere of the 1500s, is one of the most popular bath complexes in Budapest. The place equipped with thermal bats, swimming pools, a wellness department, saunas and steam rooms is not only perfect for relaxation, but it’s also the favourite place of those who want to heal. The springwater is effective for – among others – non-contagious dermatological diseases, but it is also used therapeutically to ease musculoskeletal complaints, not to mention the diverse massages, which offer relaxation and regeneration at the same time. The Rudas Bath is perfect for relaxation after a stressful day!

Akácliget Thermal Bath

The bath, which awaits visitors with several indoor and outdoor pools, can be found in the northern part of Karcag. Its water compound is relaxant so it’s mainly advised for gynaecological and musculoskeletal issues, but anyone can use the Finnish and infra saunas in the name of a healthy lifestyle and even take part in different sauna ceremonies. A swimming pool and an instructive pool were opened in 2013 which completed the experience pool and the kids’ pool, so visitors can now choose from a wide variety of baths and services.

spanorama akácliget

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