According to, the Hungarian physics team made up of high school students won a gold medal at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament in Singapore.

It’s been twenty years since a Hungarian team was able to achieve such a success, but back then there were less participants at physics competitions. This year, the participating teams came from all over the world, more exactly from 30 countries. The Hungarian team finished in the second place last year.

This year, the members of the Hungarian team were Tímea Bánóczki (German Ethnic High School), Eszter Varga-Umbrich (Calvinist High School from Pápa), Marcell Szakály (Fazekas Mihály Primary and High School), Balázs Norbert Nagy (German Ethnic High School) and Áron Svastits (Piarist High School of Budapest).


The preparation work was done by university professors and researchers (Mihály Hömöstrei, János Asbóth, Péter Boross, Péter Ispánovity, Péter Jenei, Gábor Széchenyi), and physics teacher students (Anna Bärnkopf, András Molnár, Sándor Gergely Pesthy, Gábor Szegedi, Magdolna Träger) at Eötvös Loránd Science University’s Department of Material Physics.

The finalists – Photo:

The members of the Hungarian team were selected by the department through a competition that had several rounds, and, finally, the best students were sent to Singapore. All of the teams had five members. One of the “coaches”, Péter Jenei told Index that the students had to compete in different physics “battles”. All battles featured three randomly selected countries. The Hungarian team won all five of these battles, thus qualifying into the final, where they finished in the fourth place, which signified a gold medal.

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