Not only are the Hungarian physicists among the best for some time now, they have recently helped to reach a scientific breakthrough which could change the whole world. To do their work, a proper information and communications technology background is needed, and having a stable network is crucial, writes.

The star of physics shines brighter than ever. It wasn’t so long ago that the world’s largest stellarator-type fusion device was completed, and later researchers found direct proof to Albert Einstein’s gravitational waves. Hungarian scientists have assisted at both events, and members of the MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner FK) were also part of the discoveries.

This area of physics relies heavily on information technology, as different softwares, storages, resources, and reliable networks are needed. For years Wigner FK’s problem was that, although the quality of the provided cable internet was sufficient, most researchers have started to use laptops and other portable devices, and the developing of a wireless system was needed.

The Academy’s institution was being reorganized at the time, and the base at Csillebérc did not only host the Wigner FK, but other departments as well, and it would have been unnecessary to build separated systems. The base now has a satisfying common wireless network.

Huba Géza, system engineer of the Computer Applications Lab from the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics of the Wigner RCP, said that they have previously used the devices of Cisco and 3Com (later bought by HP), but not all departments could afford their service.

To have the best quality for the lowest price possible, the institution switched to D-Link, and Wigner FK now has cable internet and Wi-Fi as well, and a stable system. It’s crucial for Wigner FK, because if any data is lost, it damages the researchers’ work. Employees can not only have access to the system from the base, but from anywhere around the world, even if they are at a conference in Geneva.

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