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Travel around Africa in four days in the heart of Budapest. The 7th HTCC Africa Expo invites you to enjoy four wonderful days exploring the beauty and hidden treasures of Africa at its exhibition. Let us meet at the Expo from the 1st to the 4th of March.

Africa Expo African dance HTCC

About the Expo

Get to know Nigeria, Congo, Togo or Senegal better. Members of HTCC (Hungarian Trade & Cultural Center) inform you about the latest business opportunities from Malawi to Morocco. Meet experts, writers, and celebrities who love Africa, such as Sena Dagadu or Kembe Sorel. Take pleasure in admiring the balafon play and acrobatic dance of Abdoul Camara, a prize-winner Senegalese dancer. Listen to the talented Djakali Kone playing the so-called African kora (harp) from Burkina Faso. The 7th HTCC African Expo and Fair is waiting for you with the original African atmosphere, an animal show, spectacular programmes, and loads of information about Africa.

Africa Expo African dance HTCC

“There are a lot of negative aspects about Africa and just a few people know the beauties and values of this continent. It is a great mistake. It is worth exploring the wonders and treasures of Africa!” Sena Dagadu singer, one of the supporters of the 7th HTCC Africa EXPO

Exhibitions and tickets

The event takes place at the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center (1101 Budapest, Albertirsai street 10.) from the first to the fourth of March. The four days long event is a co-event of the Travel Show at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. Furthermore, one ticket is valid for the simultaneous exhibitions: the Bike Expo, the Futó Expo (Running Expo), and the 6. Járatlan Utakon Fesztivál (6th Unknown Pathways Festival). The first 150 places for the 7th HTCC African Expo and Fair (both the opening ceremony and the conference) are free. If all of those are sold out, you can buy tickets on the spot or online.

Africa Expo African dance HTCC

Programmes for kids

The Kaméleon Sziget (Chameleon Island) makes it possible to admire the African four-toed hedgehog and the curious chameleon changing its colours. Moreover, Taita Foundation entertains kids with craft activities, pearl beading, African board games, and masks at the kids’ corner.

Special exhibitions

There are two special exhibitions at the expo. Little kids from Malawi could photograph their everyday life after a crash-course. The Földkelte Alapítvány (Earthrise Foundation) shows the best photos at the Ismerd meg a Világot (Get to Know the World) exhibition. You can also look at the Masks of Africa: the valuable and most beautiful pieces of a private collection called Burkina Fasótól Kongóig (From Burkina Faso to Congo), that were never presented before.

Africa Expo African dance HTCC


If you sign up for the newsletter at the Utazz Afrikába Utazási Iroda (Travel to Africa Tour Operator) booth, you can win a discounted trip to Senegal, and if you book any trips to Africa, you will be able to get even more discounts.

More information

Come and join us from the 1st to the 4th of March. Our address is Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center (1101 Budapest, Albertirsai street 10.) For more information, visit the event’s website. There, you can find the Exhibition Catalogue and the detailed schedule of the Opening Ceremony and the Conference.

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