Origo.hu reports that the internationally-reputed Body exhibition comes to Budapest and can be visited from 15 February. The size of this incredible show, organised in an area of  2,200 square meters, is unique in whole Europe, as visitors can take a look at more than 200 display items. In no other European country has the exhibition arrived with such an immense number of display items as to Budapest this February. Here are some details about the upcoming display.

The Body exhibition

The internationally-acknowledged Body exhibition coming to Budapest in February has a lot to offer to the visitors. Those interested can get to know more about what happens under the skin, in the body. Therefore, the operation of the human body becomes more palpable to everyone.

Furthermore, the human skeleton along with the muscles, the respiratory system and the circulation also become more understandable to the public.


During the exhibition, 3D animated images moving on screens and other exciting documents assist in understanding better what happens inside the body during physical activity, work or relaxation. In addition to this, a separate display is devoted to the foetal development and the great Hungarian scientists, to whom the exhibition pays tribute to in the “Hungarians in Medical Science” section.

Watch the preview of what you can expect in the exhibition!

Some parts of the display might be shocking to the visitors since they can encounter directly with how the liver of a person suffering from cancer or the blackened lungs of a smoker looks like. Although this might be for some an uncomfortable and disturbing experience, it helps to see the consequences of the unhealthy lifestyle.

The exhibition focuses on prevention and on the importance of everyday physical activity.


Therefore the organisers established the “Hungarians for Everyday Sports Activity” social communion which is supported by such notable people as László Cseh (swimmer), Éva Szentesi (writer and anti-cancer activist), Pál Győrfi (Communications and PR Director of the Hungarian National Ambulance Emergency Service) and Kristóf Steiner (journalist).

Professional assistance is provided

In every room, professional medical students answer for the uprising questions of the visitors. In addition to this, people can learn how to perform CPR correctly. For school groups, guided tours are also provided during which professionals invite schoolchildren for an unforgettable journey into the human body.


The exhibition, the cooperative partner of which is the Hungarian Red Cross, can be visited until July 2018 in the KOMPLEX (26 Király Street, 1061, Budapest), but a sort of warm-up workshop is offered to those interested under the name “Prevention and the Changes of Lifestyles Cécile Nr6.” The workshop takes place on 10 January at 7 p.m., but do not forget that registration is necessary that you can do here.

Featured image: http://www.jvsgroup.cz

Source: origo.hu

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