The most wide-spread ways to surely ruin your health is to drink alcohol and smoke excessively. Add to this obesity, and you’re surely in trouble. Index reports that, based on the latest data and statistics, Hungary is the 6th most unhealthy country in the world.

Comparing the data gathered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and by the World Lung Association, along with CIA statistics, a British magazine made a list of the unhealthiest nations, reports Index, based on Business Insider.

There is not much known about the method used, but what is important is that the three most harmful factors were taken into consideration, namely smoking, alcohol drinking and obesity. Ten eastern European countries are among the top 20.

20: The average alcohol consumption in Ukraine is 13 litre of spirits per person a year. If alcohol consumption were the basis of the comparison, this country would place eighth.

19: Ukraine is followed by the United Kingdom in drinking.

18: In Romania, even if we take toddlers and babies into consideration, on average more than four cigarettes are smoked per day.

17: More than the quarter of the Greek population is overweight.

16: Australians drink a little less than Brits: the alcohol consumed is 11.2 litres per year on average, although the other two factors are more problematic in their case.

15: In Lebanon, you’d get 9 cigarettes per day, per person.

14: Over 30 per cent of Canadians are obese.

13: Belgium is seventh from the point of view of both drinking and smoking. But then how did they get to the 13th place?

12: A quarter of Estonian people are obese, drinking as much as Ukrainians.

11: Bulgarians are sixth in drinking, with a quarter of them being overweight.

10: Lithuania is the top one in alcohol consumption: 18.2 litres of spirits are consumed on average in a year, but is behind in obesity and smoking.

The USA is the tenth as well, being the only non-European contestant in the top 10. 35 per cent of Americans are obese.

9: In Luxembourg, almost 1/4th of the population is obese.

8: In Poland, the portions per person yearly are the following: 1369 cigarettes and 12.3 litres of spirits.

7: A Croatian citizen drinks 37 millilitres of spirit a day on average. This equals to 13.6 litres a year. There are no published data regarding the extent of obesity and smoking, still, one of these is the decisive factor in this case.

6: Hungary. According to Business Insider, 1774 cigarettes are smoked a year, basically almost 5 cigarettes a day. In alcohol consumption, Hungary is eighth. From the point of view of obesity, 40 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women are affected. 4 per cent of little girls are overweight, and the 7 per cent of little boys. (At least the government is trying to fight obesity in schools).

5: Slovakia is ninth in drinking, and 27.4 per cent of the population are overweight.

4: Belarus is second both in smoking and drinking, so their obesity scale is much lower.

3: Slovenians smoke even more than Hungarians, with 7 cigarettes per day per person.

2: In Russia, spirit consumption is 13.7 litres a year, while cigarette consumption is 2690 a year.

1: The Czech Republic is the leader, where all three problems are present excessively.

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