Students of the Corvinus University of Budapest won the Hungarian-Serbian local finals of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute Research Challenge 2016 which was hosted by the Budapest office of Morgan Stanley, writes. 

The CFA Institute Research Challenge 2016 is an annual financial analysis competition, and members of the winning team (Goodwill Transaction Services) are currently pursuing their MSc in Finances. The local finals took place on 22 January, and the winners are already preparing for the regional finals, followed by the global finals which the four best universities in the world will attend. The Research Challenge has its 10th anniversary this year, and both events will be hosted in Chicago.

Each and every group can have a maximum of five members. At the recent event the job given was to prepare a complete share analysis of a Hungarian bank. Those groups which got qualified for the next round (maximum 5) had 10 minutes to convince the jury to accept their investment proposition.

The jury’s president was William C. Jones, credit rating manager at the Budapest office of Morgan Stanley. Jones said that this competition provides an excellent opportunity for students who have an interest in the financial sector. Students not only gain theoretical knowledge, but practical skills as well, from which they can benefit later in their lives.

Morgan Stanley has created the Mathematician Modelling Centre in Budapest in 2006,  and actively supports talented students.

Edit Welsz, the group’s spokesperson said that the group has been preparing for the competition for six months and they were glad to learn some practical skills, because the analysis of banks is not a separate subject at the university. Although they cant change their project, the group is going to improve their presentation skills for the regional finals.

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