According to, Hungarian students won the First Global Challenge competition in Washington. Students between the ages of 15 and 18 entered the challenge from 162 countries to compete in robotics and work together with the representatives of other nations.

The cooperation between nations was connected to a global challenge. The challenge itself was to provide access to clean, drinkable water. This message was symbolically embodied in a game during which the teams had to build robots that had to collect as many balls as possible.

Around Tuesday midnight, the jury announced that the students of the Budapest Fazekas Mihály Primary and High School won the Global Grand Challenge Awards. Hungarian students have been doing really well at international competitions recently.

Besides Fazekas School and its Team Europe, the students of the Balatonalmádi Bilingual High School and Dormitory also entered the competition, which made Hungary the only European country to be represented by two teams.


The members of the Fazekas team were Márton Kurucz, Dávid Umann, Zsófia Molnár-Sáska, Mihály Fey, Bence Hervay and Zalán Martinák. The mentor of the team was Zsuzsa Karsai, while the preparing teacher was Balázs Koren.

The captain of the Balatonalmádi team was Gergely Bikki, while the other members included Ádám Bóka, Szilvia Lami, Ádám Ipkovich, Ákos Hujber, Norbert Gyimesi and Csanád Győri.

A robotics workshop was set up in Fazekas School in 2003, and the RoboTeam has been functioning successfully ever since. They have won several awards, while they actually tend to work with only Lego blocks. However, in Washington, they had to work with the materials provided by the organisers.

The school managed to collect enough money for the traveling of the students through crowdfunding, a campaign on Generosity.

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