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Hungarian success at the World Championships of commando

Hungarian success at the World Championships of commando

According to, the SWAT Round-up International (SRI) held in Orlando is one of the world’s most illustrious competitions organised for solely operational, counter-terrorism or special law enforcement units. Hungarians also attended the competition this year and they returned home with great achievements.

The Hungarian Operational Police’s Presidential Protection Team achieved an outstanding success: they finished in the 2nd place on the whole, and won the “Best International Team” title on the 34th SRI.

The first three days of SRI consist of different professional lectures, which are followed by four days of competing in five different complex fields. When working in team, the participants always have to wear full action clothing and equipment, which can reach 15-20 kilos/person depending on the exact tasks.

Beside the team competitions, policemen also got the chance to show off their professional preparedness in individual races. One of the most popular individual competitions is the “Super SWAT Cop”, in which Sergeant First Class János Rózsa finished in the 3rd place out of the 47 entrants.


The members of the winner team:

  • Zoltán Gulyás, Captain
  • Ernő Baranyai, Captain
  • Roland Győri, Captain
  • Tamás Váradi, Captain
  • Tibor Fedor, Chief Warrant Officer
  • Attila Viplak, Senior Warrant Officer
  • János Rózsa, Sergeant First Class
  • Péter Vadon, Staff Sergeant

Team leader, trainer:

  • Zoltán Papp, Lieutenant Colonel


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