Budapest, August 6 (MTI) – A Hungarian man who received a prison sentence in Hungary for murder has been returned from Thailand where he had been hiding since 2008, the national police said on its website today.

Antal R. killed one person and attempted to kill several others in Torokszentmiklos with a handgrenade in 2005. He was sentenced in absence to life imprisonment in a final ruling by a court in Debrecen. He was arrested in the Pran Buri district by Thai police in the second half of July based on information supplied by Hungarian investigators. He was using fake identification documents in Thailand.

According to the 2010 ruling, Antal R. was involved in an argument between two local families in Torokszentmiklos and during a violent clash between the rival families in January 2010, he threw a handgrenade at his opponents, killing one person and causing life-threatening or permanent injuries to 14 others. The court also said that he can be conditionally released from prison no sooner than after 30 years.



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