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Wizz Air announced to open its newest base in Vienna, Turizmusonline.hu reports. Its network thus expands, reaching 44 countries with Austria.

WIZZ is to open its Viennese base in June. They will open the base with an Airbus A320 type aircraft, which will be followed by two more Airbus A321 aircrafts. Thanks to the rapid development of the Viennese station, this year 17 low-cost Wizz Air lines will serve the Austrian capital.

The newest WIZZ routes offer a wide range of destinations for business and leisure travellers:

from April on, Gdansk, Tuzla, and Varna; from June on, Bari, Malta, Rome, Valencia, and Tel-Aviv; and from November on, Billund, Bergen, Dortmund, Kutaisi, Larnaca, Nis, Ohrid, Tenerife, and Thessaloniki will be available via air from Vienna.

In 2018 Wizz Air grants 450 000 seats on it Austrian airlines, launching weekly 69 flights from the Viennese Airport.

Including the Austrian capital, travellers can reach 145 destinations of 44 countries with Wizz Air.

Recruiting for local workers has already started for serving Wizz Air’s newest base. The airline organises open days for those planning on continuing their career at the Wizz Air company.

The Wizz Air airline serves two airports in Hungary and has announced numerous new flights in the first half of 2017 including Berger, Hannover, Lamezia Terme, Bordeaux, Astana, Frankfurt, and Saint Petersburg.

From Budapest, you can access Astana, and in June, Wizz Air targeted Norway’s fourth most populated city, Stavanger, making this the second Norwegian destination available from Hungary.

Faro, Bordeaux, the home of red wines, Hannover, are also among Wizz Air’s newest destinations.

Lately, Wizz Air has been focussing on Western Balcan cities, like Skopje, Podgorica, Pristina, Sarajevo, and Tirana. On the 31st of October 2017, a new flight was announced between Budapest and Morocco.

From the other Hungarian city, Debrecen, Wizz Air started new flights to Moscow as of the 18th of September, 2017. Their latest announcement was a daily flight from Athens.

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