The coronavirus epidemic in Hungary seems to have come to an end, although some scandalous and unbelievable stories appeared on the Internet only now. This is one of them, about a 68-year-old Hungarian woman and her daughter.

Szeretlek Magyarország reported that the 68-year-old woman has been suffering from asthma for a long time. After examining her in January, the doctor got her another appointment in May. Because of the epidemic, lockdown, and home quarantine, the woman must have felt stressed, which was the reason her asthma got worse in April. The doctor informed the family that all patients need a negative coronavirus test to be examined.

Although the woman proved that she was not infected and did not have a fever, her doctor obligated her to buy a test with her own money and then show the results. 

After endless phone calls, complaints, and waiting while she was choking all the time and could not breathe, the woman somehow managed to speak with one of the employees of the Ministry of Human Resources who stated that all doctors must provide coronavirus tests free of charge before examining patients.

It turned out that fever is not necessary for receiving a coronavirus test for free, problems with breathing are “enough” too.

The next day, an ambulance car arrived on the doctor’s orders and did the coronavirus test which only lasted for five minutes. The family is still in shock that the woman who has had asthma for a long time was asked to buy herself a test with her own money and prove that she needs to see a doctor before things get worse.

Featured image: MTI/Balogh Zoltán


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